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Az Eúrópai Klímaszövetség ingyenes, szabadon látogatható (angol nyelvű) webináriumot szervez városi környezetben alkalmazott természetközeli megoldásokról, jó gyakorlatokról, október 28-án.


Want to know more about restoring urban ecosystems? Join our kick-off workshop for the #CITIESTALKNATURE event series on 28 October and hear about local examples of nature-based solutions!

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CITIES TALK NATURE is a community of practice dedicated to restoring degraded ecosystems in municipalities in Latin America, Europe and other parts of the world. Together we explore the multiple advantages of restorative nature-based solutions, such as benefits for the environment, biodiversity, social cohesion and the local economy, thus building resilience in our towns and cities.

CITIES TALK NATURE is based on two pillars: A webinar series and Engagement Events which are hosted by INTERLACE municipalities.
With these activities, CITIES TALK NATURE fosters

  • exchange on objectives, processes, practical examples, technologies, financing options and business models on how to restore degraded ecosystems;
  • access to tools, methods and approaches that support the planning, implementation and management of restorative nature-based solutions;
  • support for collective action towards more liveable, inclusive and sustainable cities and towns of all sizes and locations, connecting people, places and nature.

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