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Taguk, a Magnolia Art Kertépítő Kft. fiatal magyar gyakornoka, Vincze Zsombor Finnországban 6 hetes szakmai gyakorlatokat tölti a piacvezető high-tech VRJ Group Kertépítő cégnél. Az Európai Kertépítő Szövetség ELCA - European Landscape Contractors Association égisze alatt működő szakmai csereprogram keretében, fiatal és idősebb szakemberek cserélhetik ki a tapasztalaikat, erősítve a TAM- Természet-Alapú Megoldások HUB eszköztárát a tájépítészetben. Így járul hozzá az európai zöld szakma a klímaváltozás enyhítéséhez, az élhető zöld városok Green City - Zöldebb Városokért és települések létrehozásához.

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Exchange in urban green

ELCA (European Landscape Contractors Association) is an European association of operators and entrepreneurs in the landscaping industry, where knowledge and experiences of the field are exchanged and development and political issues of the field are promoted.

ELCA Exchange is the association's exchange program, where employee exchanges are carried out between companies in Europe. Through the employee exchange, the company gains international experience, expands its networks, develops skills and gains an understanding of different cultures.

The exchange program supports and helps to achieve the common set goals for employee exchange. ELCA Exchange program is part of the EPLUG project.

Zsombor Vincze has worked at VRJ Länsi-Suomi Oy through the ELCA Exchange exchange program. Zsombor has come to Finland from Budapest for an employee exchange for six weeks and does green maintenance work, planting and building playgrounds. He has worked versatilely in different workplaces and completed all the necessary card trainings. He is also good at working with an excavator. Zsombor has had a good time in Finland and is well liked as a colleague. Below you can read his experiences about the employee exchange.

"My name is Zsombor Vincze, I am 22 years, I have come from Hungary trough ELCA exchange program to work for VRJ Länsi-Suomi Oy. I was born in 2001 in Budapest, my father has a landscaping company and I was always interested in the work that he was doing. I have been working for my father in the summers and learning what we were doing in the process.

Since last year I started studying Landscape architecture and garden construction engineering in Budapest at Hungarian University Of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Last summer I went to the Netherlands to M. Van der Spek Groep to learn from them and experience what’s the differences between where I’m from and it had been great.

My main goal is to learn as much as possible while working here in this 6 weeks that I will spend in Finland. So far I have done garden maintenance, fixes to finished projects, planting and building a playground. This was my 4th week and I really like it here both at the VRJ and Finland. Working here has been different in most ways than what I was used in Hungary and it is has been absolute positive experience for me."









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